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Use 3rd Party Websites To Capture Data

We created a web service site to read these work orders from QuickBooks for a contractor. The program constantly reads the work orders, and when they are complete automatically creates a QuickBooks invoice to the customer and a QuickBooks bill to the vendor. The mapping for the items, customers, and vendors to tie into QuickBooksContinue Reading

Wasp Bar Coding: Download Existing Purchase Orders

The user will scan in the PO’s and items received into the bar coding unit. This information will be uploaded into QuickBooks as “Inventory Receipts” and can be viewed by bookkeeping when they enter the bills.Continue Reading

Wasp Bar Coding project to perform QuickBooks physical inventory counts

The user will first upload the items and actual stock status count as of a cutoff date. At the user’s leisure, they can count their inventory with a Wasp Bar Code handheld unit. The system will figure out a “variance” and post that variance to QuickBooks. The user can also upload the physical count toContinue Reading

Wasp Bar Coding Project for QuickBooks

We will be reading QuickBooks customers and items and putting on the Wasp Handheld unit. Users can then scan in items as they are shipped, automatically creating an invoice for QuickBooks. The tracking number on the freight package can also be scanned and will be included on the invoice. User can also manually add theContinue Reading