This Company received multiple tickets for charges incurred as part of transporting goods. The customer had a custom written system on IBM which had worked for decades. The trucking deliveries were electronically received and imported into QuickBooks using our utilities, allowing for the use of QuickBooks in their business. Later we received payments from customers, which had to be analyzed due to various 1% discounts, to apply and paid in full balance for invoices.

Freight Transportation Business, Milwaukee, WI

This Company had been using a custom real estate accounting system for decades. All the transactions, for each fund, had to be meticulously transferred into QuickBooks. Our company took ten years of data, in a similar way to having done Microsoft Great Plains, and updated each journal entry, paid invoice history, vendor bill history, and list information. Our process is described in a white paper entitled “Importing Transactions to QuickBooks.”

Real Estate Company, Boston, MA

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